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Book Publisher

Clive Nichols Photography is an established supplier to some of the world's most respected publishers.

One click to login + One click to download..an account specific to book publishers!

Setting up a book publisher account with us allows you to download images for approval, design and layout purposes before the official publication date. You simply send us confirmation of the final use, often known as a permissions letter, before the publication date. When downloading images please give as much detail as possible about the use on the supplied template, taking you through details such as; Book Title, Author, ISBN etc...
Once completed you can download the images for layout and comping. The invoice will only be issued when the permissions letter is received and the book published.

Our Book Publisher facility offers:
 Agreed rates for image licensing.
 Direct download
 No need for credit cards or pre-payment

Click here to request a Book Publisher Account, or call us now on +44 (0)1295 712288

Clive Nichols Photography also offers bespoke on location photography.